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Upcoming Athletic Events 


Friday, April 20th -
- Jr. High Soccer  team will travel to Ft. Madison to play at 4:30 PM
- Jr. High Track team will run at West Burlington at 4:30 PM, please dismiss the team at 3:00 PM, they will leave at 3:15 PM
Monday, April 23rd -
- VG/VB Golf at Notre Dame at 4:00 PM, Please dismiss the team at 2:40 PM (Changed from April 16th)
- Varsity/JV Girls Soccer team will host Keokuk at 5:00 PM


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2018 Baseball Fundraiser!

Hey St. Louis Cardinal Fans - Have we got a deal for you! The Holy Trinity Catholic baseball team is selling tickets for the Saturday, June 30th ..


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The Holy Trinity Athletic Board now have the 2017-2018 HTC Sports Passes for sale. Sports Pass Order Form (/media/Athletics Pass Form 2016-2017.p..


Office Hours

ECC St. Paul
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ECC Ft. Madison
-  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
- 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 
Jr/Sr High
- 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

High School Boys Baseball


2016 High School Baseball Team

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Grant Ellison, Kyle Bredemeyer, Quentin Schneider, Blake Crabtree, Reed Fehseke, Zander Schweiss, Colin Thornton

Top Row, Left to Right: Rex Brune, Cameron Bahl, Coach Albert Schinstock, Corey Hopper, Nathan Bredemeyer, Coach Seth Fuerman, Coach Nick Peitz

Not Pictured: Aden Alfred, Ben Tinguley, Connor Holvoet




Date                    Level                     Opponent                         Location                            Time

05/23/17             JV/Varsity              Louisa Muscatine                HTC                                    5:30 PM
05/25/17             JV/Varsity              New London                        New London                       5:30 PM
05/30/17             JV/Varsity              IMS                                      HTC                                    5:30 PM
06/01/17              JV/Varsity             Highland                              Highland                             5:30 PM
06/02/17             JV/Varsity              Central Lee                         HTC                                     5:30 PM
06/05/17             JV/Varsity              Danville                               Danville                               5:30 PM
06/06/17             JV/Varsity              Winfield/Mt. Union              Winfield/Mt. Union               5:30 PM
06/08/17            JV/Varsity              Wapello                               HTC                                      5:30 PM
06/10/17             Varsity Tourn.        West Burlington                  West Burlington                     TBA
06/11/17              Varsity                  Edwardsville County           Busch Stadium                      TBA
06/12/17             JV/Varsity              Notre Dame                        HTC                                      5:30 PM
06/13/17             JV/Varsity              Van Buren                           Van Buren                             5:30 PM
06/15/17             JV/Varsity              Mediapolis                          Mediapolis                             5:30 PM
06/19/17             JV/Varsity              Lone Tree                           HTC                                       5:30 PM
06/20/17             Varsity                    Keokuk                               HTC (South Park)                  5:30 PM
06/22/17             JV/Varsity              Cardinal                               HTC                                       5:30 PM
06/26/17             JV/Varsity              Columbus                            HTC                                       5:30 PM
06/28/17             JV/Varsity              Fort Madison                       FMHS                                    5:30 PM
06/30/17             JV/Varsity              West Burlington                   West Burlington                     5:30 PM
07/05/17             JV/Varsity              Pekin High School               HTC                                       5:30 PM
07/08/17             Varsity                   Districts                                TBA                                       TBA
07/11/17             Varsity                   Districts                                TBA                                        TBA
07/13/17             Varsity                   Districts                                TBA                                        TBA
07/15/17             Varsity                   Districts                                TBA                                        TBA
07/18/17             Varsity                   Sub-State                             TBA                                        TBA