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God's Portion Day - October 27th and 28th
Alumni Challenge Leaderboard for 2018

Upcoming Athletic Events 

Thursday, Oct. 18th  -

- Cross Country State Qualifier
at Iowa City.  Event will take place at the Iowa City Kickers Soccer Park.  (Golf course address is 4400 Soccer Park Rd., Iowa City, Iowa  52240) Team will leave at 12:30 PM.  Please dismiss the team following lunch.  Admission is $5 per car.  HTC Varsity boys will run at 4:30 PM
Monday, Oct. 22nd -

Regional Volleyball
at HTC at 7:00 PM.  HTC vs. Waco  Admission $6 for all.  No Passes Accepted.


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Letter to Parents from the HTC Athletic Department.

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High School Boys Basketball

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2018/20198 Basketball Schedule - Subject to Change

Date         Opponent                         Level                      Location                              Times


11/19/18    Holy Trinity Jamboree     VB                            HTC                                     6:00 PM
11/20/18    Central Lee                     JVG/VG                    Central Lee                          6:00 PM
11/27/18    Danville                          JVG/JVB/VG/VB        Danville                               4:30 PM
11/29/18    Highland                        JVG/JVB/VG/VB         Highland                             4:30 PM
12/01/18    Mediapolis                     JVG/JVB/VG/VB         HTC                                    2:00 PM
12/04/18    New London                  VG/VB                         HTC                                    6:00 PM
12/06/18    New London                  JVG/JVB                     New London                        6:00 PM
12/07/18    Notre Dame                   JVG/JVB/VG/VB         Notre Dame                         4:30 PM
12/10/18    Van Buren                     JVG/JVB                      HTC                                     6:00 PM
12/11/18    Van Buren                      VG/VB                         HTC                                     6:00 PM
12/14/18    Waco                             JVG/JVB/VG/VB          Waco                                   4:30 PM
12/17/18    West Burlington            JVG/JVB                       HTC                                     6:00 PM
12/18/18    West Burlington             VG/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
12/21/18    Cardinal                         JVG/JVB/VG/VB          Cardinal                              4:30 PM
01/04/19    Central Lee                    VB/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/05/19    Winfield/Mt. Union         JVB/VB                         Winfield                              3:00 PM
01/07/19    Mt. Pleasant                  JVG/VG                        HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/08/19    Danville                          VG/VB                         HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/10/19    Central Lee                    JVG/JVB                      HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/12/19    Fort Madison                 JVG/JVB/VG/VB           HTC                                    2:00 PM
01/15/19    New London                  VG/VB                          New London                       6:00 PM
01/17/19    New London                  JVG/JVB                      HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/18/19    Notre Dame                   VG/VB                          HTC                                   6:30 PM
01/22/19    Van Buren                     JVB/VG/VB                   Van Buren                          4:30 PM
01/24/19    Waco                             VG/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/25/19    SEISC Tournament       JVG/VG                        HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/28/19    Waco                             VG/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/29/19    West Burlington            JVG/JVB/VG/VB           West Burlington                  4:30 PM
01/31/19    Cardinal                        VG/VB                           HTC                                    6:00 PM
02/01/19    SEISC Tournament      JVB/VB                          TBA                                     6:00 PM
02/05/19    Central Lee                  JVB/VB                          Central Lee                         6:00 PM
02/07/19    Regionals                     VG                                 TBA                                    7:00 PM
02/11/19    Districts                         VB                                 TBA                                    7:00 PM
02/12/19    Regionals                     VG                                 TBA                                    7:00 PM
02/14/19    Districts                         VB                                 TBA                                    TBA
02/15/19    Regionals                      VG                                 TBA                                   7:00 PM
02/18/19    Regionals                      VG                                 TBA                                   7:00 PM
02/19/19    Districts                         VB                                  TBA                                   TBA
02/23/19    Sub-State                      VB                                  TBA                                  TBA





Holy Trinity Varsity Boys Basketball

Number       Name                         Grade



Holy Trinity Basketball strives for consistency and excellence of play through hard work and fundamentals.The Boys basketball program has won nearly 70% of all of their games.

Players are allowed to take advantage of their individual skills, however they must make certain it conforms to the overall team effort.We strive to maintain a good team spirit, have fun, and prepare our young students to become young gentlemen.

It is our goal as a coaching staff to improve our players both on and off the court and teach the values that are consistent with Holy Trinity’s mission statement:

“Our mission is to develop the total person, spiritually, mentally, socially and physically to be a successful contributing member of our society in the Catholic tradition.”

2017/2018 Coaching Staff

John Hellige, Head Coach

Jay Baldwin, Asst. Coach

Derek Wellman, Junior Varsity Coach