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Important News 

Music Boosters 2018-2019: HTC Music Boosters would like to extend an invitation to HTC parents to join our organization for the 2018-2019 school year. The support, both financial & volunteer, we provide for the Music Department each year is vital to its success. If you would like additional information, please contact Susan Avery, President at 371-5598. Thank you in advance for your consideration🎶🎵🎶


Congratulations to HTC - We have once again been named one of the Top 50 Schools on the State of Iowa's 2018 AP Index! Please visit for the complete list of the top 50 schools in Iowa offering Advanced Placement opportunities.





Upcoming Athletic Events 


 Enjoy the rest of the summer!







Concession Stand/Gate Worker List

Thank you for supporting HTC Athletics!

Athletic Screenings, Aug. 1st & 2nd

Fort Madison Community Hospital will be offering Athletic Screenings at Central Lee on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the ..


HTC Dance Team Clinic Information

The HTC Dance Team will host a Dance Team Clinic WHO: Boys and Girls ages 3-12 WHERE: Holy Trinity Elementary School Gym, West Poi..


Holy Trinity Sports Pass

The Holy Trinity Athletic Board now have the 2018-2019 HTC Sports Passes for sale. Sports Pass Order Form (/media/Pass Form Athletics 2018-2019.p..


Summer Office Hours

ECC St. Paul
- Call ECC Ft. Madison
ECC Ft. Madison
-  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
- 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM 
Jr/Sr High
- 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
(Hours may change during the flooring update.
Closed all Fridays in July.)

Business and Technology Education

Computer Lit 7

(Required) (1 Semester) 7
Computer Lit 7 is designed to help the students improve their computer skills using Microsoft Office 2010. Emphasis will be placed on keying technique, speed and accuracy in using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Internet safety and research will be incorporated throughout the semester. Students will complete this course in one semester.

Computer Lit 8

(Required) (1 Semester) 8
Computer Lit 8 is designed to improve the student’s keyboarding skills, demonstrate proficiency in using Microsoft 2010 through word processing documents, excel documents, and PowerPoint presentations. This course will also incorporate internet safety and research. Students will complete this course in one semester.

Business Math

(Elective) 2 Semesters *10, 11, & 12
Credits: 1 Credit
Prerequisite: Basic Math Skills
Business Math offers multiple opportunities to develop use, and integrate computations skills into everyday applications. It is essential in helping students fulfill their future roles as citizens, consumers, employees, employers, investors and entrepreneurs. Curriculum areas such as wages, banking, credit cards, home ownership, insurance, sales, and marketing will be studied. Students are encouraged to enroll in this class to learn about math skills they will use for a life time.

Accounting I

(Elective) 2 Semesters * 10, 11, & 12
Credits: 1 Credit
Prerequisite: Algebra I
Accounting I is the basic language of business. It provides high school students with a basic foundation to enter either the business world or to use in their personal life. This course is designed to be a full year course and to complete the accounting cycle for a sole proprietorship, corporation and partnership. In addition, students will understand accounting concepts and deal with payroll and checking accounts.

Accounting II

(Elective) 2 Semesters *11, & 12
Credits: 1 Credit
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Accounting I (C or above in Accounting I)
Accounting II is an in-depth study of the accounting cycle and concepts. It will reinforce the accounting I curriculum and expand the student’s understanding of financial statements. Students will deal with departmental accounting concepts and be able to interpret and analyze accounting information to make good financial decisions.

Personal Finance

(Required for Graduation) 1 Semester *9
Credits: .5 Credit
Personal Finance is designed to teach students how to manage their finances and help them to make good financial decisions – now and in the future. It will approach finance from four different areas: understanding income, managing money, spending and credit, and saving/investing.


Personal Finance II: *10-12
Personal Finance II is a course designed to empower students with knowledge and application of basic financial principles so that they can make sound financial decisions for life. It is designed to:

1. Reinforce academics skills such as communication, mathematics, reading, research, and writing

2. Enhance students’ financial literacy skills.

3. Enable students to develop informed money management strategies

4. Stimulate interest in financial management

5. Inspire students from all backgrounds to achieve financial well being.

6. Foster an understanding and appreciation of ethical money management.

Introduction to the Working World

(2 Semesters)*10-11 & 12
1 Credit
A two-semester course designed to introduce students to Iowa's "six career pathways." Students will explore careers, study skills to make them successful employees or managers, and incorporate personal finance for independent living.