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Upcoming Athletic Event  

Friday, Jan. 19th -
- JVG/JVB/VG/VB Basketball teams will travel to Cardinal.  Games will begin at 5:00 PM.  JVG Grils will play 2 quarters, JVB game will start at approximately 5:30 PM in the samll gym.  VG will play at 6:00 PM.  Bus will leave HTC at 2:50 PM and West Point at 3:05 PM.  Please dismiss the team at 2:40 PM
- Jr. High Boys Basketball team will travel to Van Buren to play at 4:30 PM.  Team will leave at 3:00 PM.  Pleas dismiss the team at 2:50 PM
Saturday, Jan. 20th -
- JVG/JVB/VG/VB Basketball teams will play at Fort Madison High School beginning at 2:00 PM.  This is Fort Madison's Cake Auction.  Varsity Boy's game will begin at approximately 7:00 PM
Monday, Jan. 22nd -
- JVG/JVB Basketball teams will host Central Lee.  Games will begin at 6:00 PM
- Jr. High Boys Basketball team will travel to Central Lee.  Game will begin at 4:30 PM.  Team will leave at 3:30 PM
Tuesday, Jan. 23rd -
-  VG/VB Basketball teams will host Central Lee.  Games will begin at 6:00 PM
Thursday, Jan. 25th -

- JVG/JVB Basketball teams will host New London.  Game will begin at 6:00 PM
- Jr. High Boys Basketball team will host Danville.  Games will begin at 4:30 PM
Friday, Jan. 26th -
- JVG/JVB/VG/VB Basketball teams will travel to Danville.  Games will begin at 4:30 PM. Bus will leave HTC at 3:20 PM and West Point at 3:35 PM


Thank you for supporting HTC Athletics!

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Grade 6 Academics

A main focus in sixth grade is to develop the study and organization skills students will need to be successful in junior and senior high school.Catholic beliefs and values are an important part of all areas of learning.


Text: Faith First RCL publishing
Our main areas of study are the Holy Trinity, the parts of the Bible, the Liturgy of the Church, and making moral choices. We learn to pray the Rosary and have special activities for the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.


Text: Trophies Harcourt publishing
Our main emphasis is to build student vocabulary, reading accuracy and fluency, and comprehension skills. Emphasis is placed on independent reading and helping each student establish the habits of a reader and a lifelong love of books.
Students have a quarterly AR point goal based on STAR tests results.

Language Arts:

Text: Language Arts McGraw-Hill publishing
Students build on knowledge learned about the English language from previous years. Our six units of study include sentences, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs & prepositions. A Weekly Paragraph writing program emphasizes 6+1 Trait Writing and the use of the writing process. Students reinforce language skills through daily language practice sheets. Weekly spelling units and a Catholic writing handbook are two other components of our program.

Our students participate in the Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee in February.


Text: Everyday Mathematics SRA/McGraw-Hill publishing
Our main focus is to build number sense, computation and estimating skills, and algebra, geometry, & statistical concepts. A main emphasis is working with fractions, decimals, and per cents.

The ALEKS program provides weekly practice and remediation of sixth grade math objectives.


Text: Science Scott Foresman publishing
Throughout our year we use the scientific methods for science inquiry. Our life science unit includes a study of cells and the creation of a cell brochure. We use the STC Ecosystems kit to construct and study ecocolumns. Our physical science unit studies matter and the laws of motion, and includes the use of the STC kit Magnets and Motors. In earth science we study weather and write a research paper on a weather concept. We also study resources and conservation, and have an Outdoor Education Day at Pollmiller Park. In our study of the human body we focus on the respiratory system and the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.

Social Studies:

Text: The World Scott Foresman publishing
Our study of world history focuses on the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. We will use a variety of projects to supplement the textbook information. We will end our year with a study of the medieval period in Europe.

Our students participate in the National Geographic Society Geography Bee in December/January.


Our students have the opportunity to participate in the DARE program taught by the Lee County Sheriff's Department. This ten week program culminates with a graduation in late spring.