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Upcoming Athletic Events


Thursday, Jan. 17th -

- JVG/JVB Basketball
teams will host Notre Dame
Friday, Jan. 18th -

- Happy Homecoming!  VG/VB basketball
teams will host Notre Dame. Coronation of the King and Queen will begin at 5:45 PM.  Games will begin at approximately 6:30 PM
Saturday, Jan. 19th -

- Homecoming Dance 7:00-10:00 PM

Monday, Jan. 21st -

- JVG/JVB Basketball
teams will host Cardinal at 6:00 PM
- Jr. High Boys Basketball
teams will host New London at 4:30 PM
Tuesday, Jan. 22nd -

- JVB/VG/VB Basketball
teams will will travel to Van Buren.  Games will begin at 4:30 PM.  Team will leave HTC at 3:10 PM.  Please dismiss the teams at 3:00 PM
Thursday, Jan. 24th -
- VG/VB Basketball teams hosts Waco at 6:00 PM
- Jr. High Boys Basketball
teams will travel to Notre Dame at 5:00 PM - team will leave at 3:55 PM
Friday, Jan. 25th -
SEISC Girls Basketball
Shootout Site: TBA
Monday, Jan. 28th -
- JVG/JVB Basketball teams
will host Waco  at 6:00 PM
- Jr. High Boys Basketball
team hosts Van Buren at 4:30 PM
Tuesday, Jan. 29th -
- JVG/JVB/VG/VB Basketball
teams will travel to West Burlington at 4:30 PM - Bus will leave HTC at 3:15 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 30th -
- Deanery Mass at HTC - 10:00 AM
Thursday, Jan. 31st -
- VG/VB Basketball
teams will host Cardinal - "Senior Night"
- Jr. High Boys Basketball
team will travel to Waco at 4:30 PM - Team will leave at 3:00 PM 






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Office Hours

ECC St. Paul
- Call ECC Ft. Madison
ECC Ft. Madison
- 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
- 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 
Jr/Sr High
- 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Religion Education

9th Grade

(2 Semesters)
1 Credit

Text Semester 1: The Word: Encountering the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ
This text invites students to apply Scripture to their lives, providing tools to interpret and understand the Bible, the inspirer written Word of God. Adolescents will explore the origins, genres, and relationship of the Old and New Testaments leading to an in-depth study of the Gospels and a closer relationship with Christ and the church. Filled with Scripture, primary sources, saints’ profiles, morality features, activities and prayers to engage students academically and formatively. A unique opening chapter gives students a chance to reflect on their faith journey and teachers a baseline measure of where students are.
Text Semester 2: Son of the Living God: Growing in Relationship with Christ and who He calls you to be.
This text provides students the context to articulate and answer their call to discipleship. Adolescents consider the mystery of Jesus Christ and his life as the ultimate revelation of the Holy Trinity. Through concise and doctrinal presentations and extensive activities working directly with Scriptures, students will explore Jesus’ life, example and promise to always be with us. With profiles of saints, Catholic spiritual practices, and personal faith assessments, students will reflect on seeking and finding true happiness in God.

10th Grade

(2 Semesters)
1 Credit

Text Semester 1:
The Risen One: Living the Paschal Mystery as Disciples of Christ
This text offers an in-depth study of the life of Christ and his Paschal Mystery. Working directly with Scripture and Catechism quotations, the words of saints and popes, students consider the mystery that life comes from death, redemption from suffering. Reviews core concepts covered in earlier courses through the lens of personal prayer, worship, and Catholic spirituality. Students will look at how the Paschal Mystery informs the virtues, impacts moral decision making and it the source of our Church’s liturgy.
Text Semester 2: The Cornerstone: Continuing the Mission of Christ Today as Members of the Church
This text invites students to examine the nature and mission of the Church founded by Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit. Exercises engage adolescents in the images of the Church, documents of Church councils, and the Scriptural foundation of Church teachings. Maps and profiles of saints promote understanding of the spread of Christianity as well as important events and movements within the Church. Unique features prompt students to consider their own vacations and how God calls then to be living witnesses of the Catholic faith.


11th Grade


(2 Semesters)
1 Credit
The USCCB has designated this year to be the study of Morality. However, the new textbooks for this course are not scheduled to be in use until 2012-2014. This year, the students will be using the “Catholic Faith Handbook for youth", chapters 1 & 2 and Section C: Christian Morality. In conjunction with this, "Tough Choices: Bring Moral Issues Home" will be utilized.



12th Grade

(2 Semesters)
1 Credit

The text, Christian Vocations is the main resource for this course. Students will explore the various vocational choices in life. Students discuss what those vocations mean and how individuals can live them in a way that is compatible with Christian beliefs and Catholic teachings. Since the most important vocation is the call to love, this course will discuss both the joys and difficulties of loving self, others, and God. It is by becoming closer to God, who is the source of all love, that students will learn what loving means and involves. This course is designed to help the students prepare wisely for their future and to help them make better choices in their daily lives.


8th Grade Religion

8th grade is the time for the students to be Confirmed. Each year the Davenport Diocese tells us when Confirmation is to be. This year it is quite different as there are 2 days of Confirmation. April 29 at 6 p,.m is Confirmation for Holy Family, Montrose and Keokuk, at Sacred Heart in Ft. Madison. April 30 at 5 p.m. is Confirmation at St. James at St. Paul for Mt Pleasant, St. Paul and West Point. There are 3 Sundays you will be asked to participate with your child as the Priests are giving a different talk/ different priest on their Sundays. The series used for Confirmation is called Decision Point by Matthew Kelly. 8th grade also includes the Diocesan program Circle of Grace and if time is left, 8th grade studies Christ in the New Testament.



Junior High Experience *7-8
Major Units:
Career Awareness
– Students will be given opportunities to take career assessments and apply their findings to researching those careers. Community members from various careers will be invited into the classroom throughout the year. Careers can be visited outside school as well.
Life Skills
– Students will refine social, academic, and personal skills through various activities and lessons.
– Students will take an active role in understanding and becoming an effective member of the community.
Digital Responsibility
– Students will learn the impact digital footprints have on personal, social, educational and vocational aspects of their lives.