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Upcoming Athletic Event   

Thursday, Oct. 19th -
- Cross Country State Qualifying at Ottumwa.  4:00 PM Start-team will leave at 12:45 PM, please dismiss the team at 12:30 PM
Monday, Oct. 23rd -
- Regional Volleyball Holy Trinity Catholic vs. Seymour at Holy Trinity at 7:00 PM


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High School Boys Soccer


The Holy Trinity Varsity Spring Soccer Team is coached by Ryan Culbertson and  Assistant Sean Conrad.

It is Coach Culbertson's belief that instilling a strong work ethic in the student athlete will pay off in the long run, not only in the sport of soccer, but in life in general. Knowledge gained while participating in a high school team sport will affect everything they do over the course of their lives. He feels this is evident in the tremendous support that he and his team receive from the faculty of Holy Trinity High School and the overwhelming parental support.


2017 Soccer Schedule

Date           Opponent               Level                    Location                         Time 
03/30/17     Notre Dame             V/JV Boys            Notre Dame                     5:00 PM
04/01/17     FMHS                      Varsity Boys         FMHS                              9:00 AM
04/04/17     Keokuk HS               V/JV Boys            Keokuk                            5:00 PM
04/08/17     Burlington HS           V/JV Boys            HTC                                1:00 PM
04/11/17     IMS                           V/JV Boys            HTC                                 5:00 PM
04/13/17    Mediapolis                 VG/VB                  Mediapolis                       5:00 PM

04/18/17    Notre Dame               V/JV Girls             Notre Dame                     5:30 PM

04/20/17    Central Lee               V/JV Boys            Central Lee                       5:00 PM
04/20/17    Mt. Pleasant              V/JV Girls            HTC                                  5:00 PM

04/21/17    Wapello                     V/VB Boys           HTC                                  5:00 PM

04/24/17    Keokuk HS                V/JV Girls            Keokuk                            5:00 PM
04/25/17    Columbus HS            VG/VB                 Columbus Jct.                 5:00 PM
04/27/17    Tourn. Of Champs     VG                       Burlington Rec Plex         TBA
04/27/17    Danville                      V/JV Boys           Danville                             5:00 PM
04/28/17    Tourn. Of  Champs    VG                       Burlington Rec Plex          TBA
04/29/17    Tourn. Of Champs     VG                       Burlington Rec Plex          TBA
05/02/17    Highland HS              V/JV Boys            Highland HS                      5:00 PM
05/06/17    Notre Dame               VB/VG                 HTC                                   10:00 AM
05/08/17    Canton HS                 VG                      Canton, MO                        5:00 PM
05/09/17    Mid-Prairie                 V/JV Girls           HTC                                    5:00 PM
05/12/17    Conf. Tournament      VB                       TBA                                    TBA
05/13/17    Conf. Tournament      VB                       TBA                                    TBA
05/18/17    Ft. Madison                VG/VB                HTC                                    5:00 PM
05/22/17    Sub-State                   VB                      TBA                                    TBA
05/23/17    Keokuk HS                 V/JV Girls           HTC                                    5:00 PM
05/24/17    Sub-State                    VB                      TBA                                     TBA
05/27/17    Sub-State                     VB                      TBA                                     TBA
05/30/17    Regionals                     VG                      TBA                                     TBA
06/01/17    State Tourn.                  VB                      Des Moines                        TBA

06/02/17    Regionals                     VG                      TBA                                     TBA

06/05/17    Regionals                     VG                      TBA                                     TBA
06/08/17    State Tournament        VG                       Des Moines                       TBA