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There will be no school today, Thursday, Feb. 22nd due to icy conditions.

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The Holy Trinity Athletic Board now have the 2017-2018 HTC Sports Passes for sale. Sports Pass Order Form (/media/Athletics Pass Form 2016-2017.p..


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High School Girls Soccer


Girls soccer was introduced as a new sport for Holy Trinity Catholic Schools in the spring of 2007.   However not new to Coach Sheerin. Michael grew up in Ireland playing soccer almost from the time he could walk. He has coached at all levels and has enjoyed them all.  His goal is to promote the game of soccer in Southeast Iowa.  Michael is looking forward to this season and hopes that the fans will come out and support Holy Trinity Girls Soccer.



2018 Soccer Schedule

Date           Opponent                   Level                      Location                        Time
04/0518       Mediapolis                 Varsity                     HTC                                5:00 PM
04/12/18      Wapello                      Varsity                    Wapello                           5:00 PM
04/16/18      Notre Dame               Varsity                    Notre Dame                     5:00 PM
04/19/18      Mt. Pleasant               Varsity                    Mt. Pleasant                    5:00 PM
04/23/18      Keokuk                       Varsity                    HTC                                 5:00 PM
04/24/18      Columbus Jct.            Varsity                    Columbus Jct.                  5:00 PM
04/26-28/18 Adidas Tournament    Varsity                    Burlington Rec Plex         TBA
05/01/18      Notre Dame                Varsity                    HTC                                 5:00 PM
05/07/18      Canton, MO                Varsity                    HTC                                 5:00 PM
05/08/18      Mid Prairie                  Varsity                    Mid Prairie                       5:00 PM
05/14/18      Wapello                      Varsity                    HTC                                 5:00 PM
05/18/18      Fort Madison              Varsity                    Fort Madison                   5:00 PM
05/22/18      Keokuk                       Varsity                    Keokuk                            5:00 PM