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There will be no school today, Thursday, Feb. 22nd due to icy conditions.

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Holy Trinity Sports Pass

The Holy Trinity Athletic Board now have the 2017-2018 HTC Sports Passes for sale. Sports Pass Order Form (/media/Athletics Pass Form 2016-2017.p..


Office Hours

ECC St. Paul
- Call ECC Ft. Madison
ECC Ft. Madison
-  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
- 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM 
Jr/Sr High
- 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

High School Boys Tennis


Once again this year, HTC is combining with Fort Madison for boys tennis. This is a great opportunity for those boys interested in tennis. The coach at FMHS is Dean Hogan.


Date                      Time               Opponent                                Location
April 10, 2017        4:30 PM          Keokuk                                    Fort Madison High School
April 11, 2017        4:30 PM          Muscatine High School            Muscatine High School
April 15, 2017        9:00 AM          Mulitple Schools                      Muscatine High School

April 18, 2017        4:30 PM          Fairfield High School               Fairfield Middle School
April 20, 2017        4:30 PM          Notre Dame                             Dankardt Park
April 21, 2017        4:30 PM          Burlington High School            Burlington High School
April 25, 2017        4:30 PM          Fairfield High School               Fort Madison High School
April 27, 2017        4:30 PM          Keokuk High School                Keokuk High Schools
April 28, 2017        4:30 PM          Mt. Pleasant High School        Fort Madison High School
May 4, 2107          4:00 PM          Macomb High School               Macomb High School
May 8, 2017          9:00 AM          Conference - Multiple Schools Fairfield Middle school
May 11, 2017        8:30 AM          Districts - TBA                          TBA



If you need more information, contact Dean Hogan
Dean Hogan email: