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Important News 

Orientation for all 7th Graders and New Students to the Jr/Sr High Building will be Monday, Aug. 21st at 6:00 PM. 


Unpack Your Backpack for the Elementary will be Tuesday, Aug. 22nd from 5:00 - 6:30 PM.


Joe from the HTC Jr/Sr High kitchen would love any donations of fruit or vegetables, if you have extra produce from your gardens this fall!


First day of classes - HTC will be following Fort Madison Public's schedule.  We will be dismissing students at APPROXIMATELY 11:10 AM at the Elementary and APPROXIMATELY 11:30 at the Jr/Sr High.  School lunch WILL NOT be served.   PLEASE be patient, these times are approximate.  "Bus riders" and "town kids" may be dismissed at slightly different times.  Please see bus schedule below.


First Day of Classes will be Wednesday, Aug. 23rd.  Route buses will be running that day.  Fort Madison Public will contact you with times, if you are riding a route bus.   Bus times may vary a bit for the first couple weeks, as the drivers are getting used to their routes.
Morning Shuttle Bus times are: 
Leave West Point Elementary at 7:30 AM, for the HTC Jr/Sr High
Leave Jr/Sr High at 7:55 AM, for the Elementary
Leave ECC at 8:05 AM, for the Elementary
For Aug. 23rd only:
Leave West Point Elementary at 11:10 AM,  for the ECC
Leave ECC  at 11:25 AM, for the Jr/Sr High
Leave Jr/Sr High at 11:30 AM, for West Point Elementary
Regular afternoon bus times are:
Leave West Point Elementary at 3:05 PM, for the ECC
Leave ECC at 3:20 PM, for the Jr/Sr High
Leave Jr/Sr High at 3:25 PM, for West Point Elementary 


Upcoming Athletic Event  

Any boys in grades 9-12 who are interested in playing football, practices are at 9:00 AM at Fort Madison High School. If you have questions, contact Mr. Goetz.

Thank you for supporting HTC Athletics!

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Summer Office Hours

ECC St. Paul
- Call ECC Ft. Madison
ECC Ft. Madison
-  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
- 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM 
Jr/Sr High
- 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

HS Girls Volleyball

The Holy Trinity High School Varsity Volleyball Team is coached by: Melissa Freesmeier.


Coach Freesmeier

Brings 24 years of varsity coaching experience to the Holy Trinity Volleyball Team. The great attitudes and work ethic of the student-athletes and unsurpassed parental support have continued to add to the success of the volleyball program. Melissa stated recently, "I believe that hard work and sacrifice pays off big dividends in the end." 
Melissa has led her team to the State Tournament 13 times throughout her career, winning a state title in 1996 at West Point Marquette and 2014 at Holy Trinity. Coach Freesmeier was named 1A Coach of The Year in 1996, has been named All-District, All-Hawkeye, and All-Conference Coach of The Year several times. Melissa also coached in the KTVO/McDonalds All Star game, the Iowa Girl’s Coaches Association All Star game, and the Southeast Iowa All-Star game. Coach Freesmeier currently serves on the Iowa Girl’s High School Athletic Union Advisory Board.
This year Melissa will be assisted by Kelly Knustrom, Tom Gendron and Stephanie Mohrfeld.

Kelly Knustrom

Is the coach of the JV team this year. This is her 9th year in the Holy Trinity Volleyball program. She is a 2003 graduate of Marquette High School. She graduated from Coe College in 2007 with a teaching and coaching license. She currently teaches PE at Fort Madison High School.
"I look forward to the challenges ahead this season. The girls always come in eager to work hard and try to get better every day. I have confidence that this year’s program will be very successful."
Kelly and her husband, Marcus Knustrom, and  daughter will live in Denmark.

Stephanie Mohrfeld

Is a 2000 graduate of Marquette High School, West Point. From there she attended Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant and took general ed classes. While at Wesleyan Coach Mohrfeld played volleyball for the Tigers. She then transferred to Central Missouri State University and got a Bachelors Degree in Child & Family Development . Stephanie currently lives in West Point with her husband, Jerry Mohrfeld, and their three boys.  Coach Mohrfeld also owns Sunshine Child Care in West Point. This is Stephanie's 6th year of coaching at Holy Trinity as head junior high coach and 2nd year assistant coach for Freshman, JV & V.

2016/2017 Holy Trinity Volleyball Schedule

Date         Opponent                 Level        Location                    Time

08/28/17   Waco JV Tourn.       JV               Waco                          5:00 PM
08/29/17   W. Burlington           9/JV/Var      West Burlington         5:30 PM
08/31/17   Van Buren               9/JV/Var       Keoksauqua              5:30 PM
09/05/17   Waco                       9/JV/Var      HTC                           5:30 PM
09/12/17   Cardinal                  9/JV/Var       HTC                           5:30 PM
09/14/17   Central Lee             9/JV/Var      Central Lee                5:30 PM
09/16/17   Keokuk Invite            Varsity       Keokuk                       9:00 AM
09/18/17   Holy Trinity Classic   Varsity       HTC                            4:00 PM
09/21/17   Conference Tourn.    Varsity       TBA                            5:00 PM
09/23/17   Conference Tourn.    Varsity       SCC                            5:00 PM
09/25/17   Keokuk/Central Lee  9/JV           Keokuk                       5:00 PM
09/28/17   Danville                     9/JV/Var     HTC                           5:30 PM
09/30/17   Urbandale Invite       Varsity        Urbandale                  8:00 AM
10/05/17   New London             9/JV/Var     New London               5:30 PM
10/07/17   Mt. Pleasant Inv.       Varsity        Mt. Pleasant               9:00 AM
10/07/17   Mediapolis Invite        Fr/So         Mediapolis                  9:00 AM
10/09/17   Fort Madison             9/JV            HTC                           5:30 PM
10/10/17   Burlington ND             9/JV/Var    HTC                           5:30 PM
10/12/17   Mediapolis Invite       Varsity        Mediapolis                  5:00 PM
10/14/17   HTC JV Invite            JV               HTC                           9:00 AM 10/17/17   Regionals                  Varsity         TBA                           7:00 PM
10/23/17   Regionals                  Varsity         TBA                           7:00 PM
10/26/17   Regionals                  Varsity         TBA                           7:00 PM
10/31/17   Regionals                  Varsity         TBA                           7:00 PM
11/08/17   State Tournament      Varsity         TBA                           TBA
11/09/17   State Tournament      Varsity         TBA                           TBA
11/10/17   State Tournament      Varsity         TBA                           TBA



2016 HTC Fresh/Soph - - JV Volleyball Roster
#23     Kayleigh Biegler #10     Emily Dingman
#18     Samantha Hoenig
#8       Madison Mohrfeld
#16     Taylor Boeding
#12     Elyse Pothitakis
#25     Eryn Anderson
#15     Jori Whitaker
#6       Katie Scoville
#5       Mya Lawlor
#27     Maille Sheerin
#24     Nicole Pothitakis
#26     Samantha Pothitakis
#13     Abby Dingman
#4       Elle Rashid

Head Coach: Kelly Knustrom
Asst. Coach: Tom Gendron 


2016 Varsity Volleyball Roster

#2       Shianne Moeller
#3       Emily Box
#5       Mya Lawlor
#6       Katie Scoville
#7       Danielle Scheetz
#8       Madison Mohrfeld
#10     Emily Dingman
#11     Ali Randolph
#12     Elyse Pothitakis
#15     Jorie Whitaker
#16     Taylor Boeding
#18     Samantha Hoenig
#19     Maya Rashid
#23     Kayleigh Biegler
#25     Eryn Anderson
Head Coach: Melissa Freesmeier
Asst. Coaches: Tom Gendron, Kelly Knustrom, Stephanie Mohrfeld
Statisticians: Michele Dyer & Karen Becker



Holy Trinity Catholic  - 2014 Class 1A State Volleyball Champions