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Jr./Sr. High Daily Announcements

The Jr. High Volleyball game for Thursday, September 19th will be played at HTC High School in Fort Madison, starting at 4:30pm.



Upcoming Athletic Events

Mon. 9/9 - 9/JV Volleyball Hosts FMHS 5:30pm

Tues. 9/10 - Cross Country at Van Buren 4:30pm

Thurs. 9/12 - 9/JV/V Volleyball at New London 5:30pm

Mon. 9/16 - JH Volleyball at Van Buren 4:30pm; Games will be played at Harmony High School

Tues. 9/17 - 9/JV/Varsity Volleyball hosts Notre Dame 5:30pm

Thurs. 9/19 - 9/JV/Varsity Volleyball at Van Buren 5:30pm

Thurs. 9/19 - Cross Country at Fort Madison Invitational 4:30pm

Thurs. 9/19 - JH Volleyball hosts Waco 4:30pm

Sat. 9/21 - Varsity Volleyball at Keokuk Invitational 9:00am







JV/Varsity Concession Stand/Gate Worker List

Jr. High Concession Stand/Gate Worker List



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High School Boys Basketball

Gate & Concession Stand Worker List

2018/2019 Basketball Schedule - Subject to Change

Date         Opponent                         Level                      Location                              Times


11/19/18    Holy Trinity Jamboree     VB                            HTC                                     6:00 PM
11/20/18    Central Lee                     JVG/VG                    Central Lee                          6:00 PM
11/27/18    Danville                          JVG/JVB/VG/VB        Danville                               4:30 PM
11/29/18    Highland                        JVG/JVB/VG/VB         Highland                             4:30 PM
12/01/18    Mediapolis                     JVG/JVB/VG/VB         HTC                                    2:00 PM
12/04/18    New London                  VG/VB                         HTC                                    6:00 PM
12/06/18    New London                  JVB                             New London                        6:00 PM
12/07/18    Notre Dame                   JVG/JVB/VG/VB         Notre Dame                         4:30 PM
12/10/18    Van Buren                     JVG/JVB                      HTC                                     6:00 PM
12/11/18    Van Buren                      VG/VB                         HTC                                     6:00 PM
12/14/18    Waco                             JVG/JVB/VG/VB          Waco                                   4:30 PM
12/17/18    West Burlington            JVG/JVB                       HTC                                     6:00 PM
12/18/18    West Burlington             VG/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
12/21/18    Cardinal                         JVG/JVB/VG/VB          Cardinal                              4:30 PM
01/04/19    Central Lee                    VB/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/05/19    Winfield/Mt. Union         JVB/VB                         Winfield                              3:00 PM
01/07/19    Mt. Pleasant                  JVG/VG                        HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/08/19    Danville                          VG/VB                         HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/10/19    Central Lee                    JVG/JVB                      HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/12/19    Fort Madison                 JVG/JVB/VG/VB           HTC                                    2:00 PM
01/14/19    Danville High School     JVG/JVB                       HTC                                   6:00 PM
01/15/19    New London                  VG/VB                          New London                       6:00 PM
01/17/19    Notre Dame                   JVG/JVB                      HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/18/19    Notre Dame                   VG/VB                          HTC                                   6:30 PM
01/21/19    Cardinal HS                   JVG/JVB                      HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/22/19    Van Buren                     JVB/VG/VB                   Van Buren                          4:30 PM
01/24/19    Waco                             VG/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/25/19    SEISC Tournament       JVG/VG                        HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/28/19    Waco                             VG/VB                          HTC                                    6:00 PM
01/29/19    West Burlington            JVG/JVB/VG/VB           West Burlington                  4:30 PM
01/31/19    Cardinal                        VG/VB                           HTC                                    6:00 PM
02/01/19    SEISC Tournament      JVB/VB                          TBA                                     6:00 PM
02/05/19    Central Lee                  JVB/VB                          Central Lee                         6:00 PM
02/07/19    Regionals                     VG                                 TBA                                    7:00 PM
02/11/19    Districts                         VB                                 TBA                                    7:00 PM
02/12/19    Regionals                     VG                                 TBA                                    7:00 PM
02/14/19    Districts                         VB                                 TBA                                    TBA
02/15/19    Regionals                      VG                                 TBA                                   7:00 PM
02/18/19    Regionals                      VG                                 TBA                                   7:00 PM
02/19/19    Districts                         VB                                  TBA                                   TBA
02/23/19    Sub-State                      VB                                  TBA                                  TBA





Holy Trinity Varsity Boys Basketball

Number       Name                         Grade

25                 Kyle Bredemeyer       12
11                 Blake Crabtree           11
4                   Reed Fehseke            11
1                   Garret Hannum           10
33                 Matt Hellige                 11
2                   Brant Holtkamp           12
10                 Adam Rauenbuehler   12
5                   Chandler Rung            10
3                   Quentin Schneider      11
13                 Cole Thorton               10
24                 Jason Thurman           10
32                 Vasin Thurman            10

Head Coach:  John Hellige
Assistant Coaches: Jay Baldwin and Matt Linnenbrink



Holy Trinity Basketball strives for consistency and excellence of play through hard work and fundamentals.The Boys basketball program has won nearly 70% of all of their games.

Players are allowed to take advantage of their individual skills, however they must make certain it conforms to the overall team effort.We strive to maintain a good team spirit, have fun, and prepare our young students to become young gentlemen.

It is our goal as a coaching staff to improve our players both on and off the court and teach the values that are consistent with Holy Trinity’s mission statement:

“Our mission is to develop the total person, spiritually, mentally, socially and physically to be a successful contributing member of our society in the Catholic tradition.”

2017/2018 Coaching Staff

John Hellige, Head Coach

Jay Baldwin, Asst. Coach

Derek Wellman, Junior Varsity Coach