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Our MISSION is to develop the total person spiritually, mentally, socially and physically to be a successful contributing member of our society in the Catholic tradition.

HTC Elementary 

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures


School arrival and dismissal:

The safety and security of our elementary community is our priority. Our arrival and dismissal procedures for the 2022-2023 school year will help us to:

  • limit the amount of contact individuals have with our building
  • continue to ensure that only approved individuals will pick-up your child
  • reduce traffic (vehicle and people) in the bus lanes
  • reduce access to our building and children without an approved purpose

Students who ride the bus to and from school:

Upon arrival at Holy Trinity, students will enter the school and report directly to the gymnasium.  Staff will be monitoring the sidewalks and the halls to supervise these transitions.

Car drop-off/pick-up:


Students may be dropped off at Holy Trinity beginning at 7:30am. 

Parents are strongly encouraged to remain in their vehicle and will not be permitted past the entryway of the school unless an emergency or prior arrangements have been made. If you have a scheduled appointment with a staff member you will need to use the doors at the main office. 

Pick up

Each family will be given 2 vehicle identifiers at the start of school (more will be provided as needed). Please present the identifier in the front passenger side windshield of your vehicle. 

Staff will radio for students to be sent out for pick up when parents arrive in the pick up lane.

For the safety of the students and to keep traffic flowing you may only drop off/pick up using the south lane of Avenue C, closest to the school and traveling east (towards 5th St.).  

There will be no parking for any amount of time in the drop off zone after your student(s) have gotten safely into the vehicle. 

Students being picked up by a parent or guardian will be monitored by staff until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up. 

Elementary dismissal is at 3:10pm (1:00pm on early dismissal days). 

Pick-up/Drop-off During School Day and Parent Access Procedures:

Our school day runs from 8:20am-3:10pm.  Any student who comes to school after 8:20am, or who leaves before 3:10pm, will need to be signed in/out at the main office. Students who are removed from class prior to 3:00pm will require written parent/guardian permission. Prior notice is appreciated. 

When picking-up in the middle of the day you will be asked to wait in your car or the lobby for your child. We will make every effort to have students ready to go at the designated time given on your prior notice.

During the school day there will be no parking on the southside of Avenue C (7:30am – 4pm). These lanes will need to be kept clear for emergencies, buses, student drop-off/pick-up, and through traffic. 

Staff will only dismiss students to the approved individuals on file. Parents/Guardians must notify Eileen Medland in the office of a change to the pick up list prior to students being dismissed 319-837-6131.  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and help in keeping our students safe and secure!

Please contact Craig Huebner at 319-837-6131 or with any questions or concerns.