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Important Transportation Updates 2021-2022 

July 29, 2021

Student bus pass ID’s for transportation are MANDATORY— No pass, no ride. If the pass is lost during the day, a parent will need to be called to come pick the student up. If they do not have a bus pass to scan on the bus, they will need alternate transportation to/from school.

Student transportation requests need to be sent to the Fort Madison Transportation Dept. by Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Fort Madison will provide the initial bus pass, and it will be given to your student at Holy Trinity’s Jr/Sr High Orientation and Elementary Unpack Your Bag Night (August 20th).

If your pass is lost you must order a new one. Passes can be ordered by contacting your school office. The cost for a new pass is $5, and is due at the time of order. The pass will be replaced by the Fort Madison Transportation Dept. as soon as possible, but until the student has the new pass, they will need alternate transportation to/from school. 

All transportation communication will be sent via “Here Comes the Bus” app. Our school code is 29141. If a parent needs their child’s student ID #, it is on the bus pass ID from last year, or they can email for help on set up.