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Our MISSION is to develop the total person spiritually, mentally, socially and physically to be a successful contributing member of our society in the Catholic tradition.

Craig Huebner, K-12 Principal

Sabrina Menke, K-12 School Counselor

John Goetz, Dean of Discipline & Athletic Director

Judi Dinwiddie, Marketing Director

Sasha Rea, Admissions Director 

Christian Schierbrock, IT Director

Deb Foecke, Secretary

Darren Hibbard, High School English

Emily Kelch, Social Studies

Denise Cooper, Math

Melissa Freesmeier, Physical Education/Health

Lisa Gendron, Science

Randy Larson, Math

Sara Mueller, English

Emily Otte, Band

Tracy Pauly, Business

Tracee Guzman, Art

Cortney Boylan, Religion

Linda Hardy, English

Maria Walker, Social Studies

Breana Houtz, Ag Science

Jordan Nelson, Online Associate