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Our MISSION is to develop the total person spiritually, mentally, socially and physically to be a successful contributing member of our society in the Catholic tradition.

Catholic Schools Week 2020

Holy Trinity Catholic is proud to continue the dedication of educating and forming our students for generations to come thanks to your support. 

Over a century ago, our ancestors in southeast Iowa realized the importance of a Catholic education for their children and sacrificed to build our first Catholic schools. We have been fortunate to have had the benefits and blessings of Catholic schools in our area for over 100 years. This August we were able to carry on the tradition by realizing our dream of a new elementary school. All of you helped to make this future ready environment that focuses on collaborative and personalized learning, while keeping our students safe, a reality. 
We hope that you recognize how your support is truly a wise investment in our communities and our children. The outstanding academics of our Catholic school lead many into our doors and athletics and extra-curriculars help to feed our students’ minds and bodies, but it has been the intangibles of our faith that keep us firmly rooted in our communities.

Whether it is weekly school Mass, Stations of the Cross, or a saint project, our students are learning to love their faith while putting equal importance on loving and respecting one another.
Service is a huge part of our students’ educational model. We are proud that we are not only forming scholars but also solid citizens. We see generous hearts being formed by our teachers and staff who can openly worship God and teach about Him through their actions and words in the classroom. He is the reason for our school. Holy Trinity Catholic Schools teach children virtues that will transcend this life and carry them into the next.

Thank you to all for your continued support and prayers.