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Our MISSION is to develop the total person spiritually, mentally, socially and physically to be a successful contributing member of our society in the Catholic tradition.

Parking Information

Below are a few notes to help create an efficient and satisfying parking experience for everyone navigating IGHSAU Girl’s State Volleyball between Monday, November 1st  & Thursday, November 4th:
Pre-paid parking will be available at most ramps as well, as Lots 9, 10 & 12, in the great downtown district for $5 per vehicle. You can find a map of all our downtown locations by clicking on the link below:

Cedar Rapids will have two shuttles running this year.  One shuttle will be running a circuit route from 11 am to 11 pm Monday – Thursday. The other shuttle will serve as an On-Demand option to pick riders up and drop off at their request.  Click here to view a flyer for the On-Demand Shuttle.  The link with the map has all the shuttle stop locations.

All locations will gladly accept credit cards, however, cash will create a much more efficient experience. 

Parking will be good until midnight of the respective day you enter the facility. You must pay the $5 again if you wish to leave and come back.

There will be free parking for guests at South Side Ramp and Lot 44, located on the map above. 

Our main office is currently closed. If there are any questions/concerns, please give us a call at 319-365-7275.

If a sign is listed as “Monthly Parking Only” that means the facility is at capacity and only permit parkers are allowed in. We have staff at each entrance with maps available to help out if necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask where the next closest location to park your vehicle is!